Now that the designing of the site has been completed, your job is done, right? Wrong. In fact, it has just begun. Your beautifully designed site with menus and submenus is nothing but a page unless it is accessible via the World Wide Web. This is achieved only when you get high ranking in search engines. Ranking in local search results of Google is next to impossible. Once you start with you local search engine optimization you will have tons of hands guiding you to follow various practices. By following every practice, you might end up doing worse for your site. 11-Effective-Ways-of-Doing-Local-SEO What exactly is Local SEO? If you own a local business you will understand the challenges as an owner you have to face. Local SEO is all about getting higher search engine ranking when a customer types a specific area. It is believed that around 97% of users tend to search for local services and products. Apart from this, around 90% of the Google search results do not ever pass the results that are loaded on the first page itself. The second page is often considered as second preference. This type of SEO is needed when you want to get noticed in the home market. This is achieved when the site is optimized for local SEO. Is Local SEO different from traditional SEO? Ranking of the site according to Google and other search engines is done based on the number of links received from other sites. The site that gets more links tends to get higher ranking and ultimately more traffic. However, when talking about local sites, these sites are only relevant to local areas. As a search engine, it needs to take care of many aspects than just links. No matter how small, medium or large your business is, opting for local SEO is highly recommended. Types of Businesses for Local SEO Any company that does business locally should not neglect the importance of local SEO. It can be anything from a local restaurant, dentist, lawyer, doctor or even a retail outlet. It is somewhat the same as local Yellow Page directory. Benefits of Local SEO There are innumerable benefits associated with Local SEO. Mentioned are some benefits of it: 1. It helps in improving and enhancing the search engine ranking. 2. It helps your business to get front page ranking on various major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 3. It helps in increasing the leads, sales, and even conversions. Now that you know all the information on Local SEO you should know how to do it. If done correctly it can reap huge benefits. But a single mistake is more than enough to get your site down rather than ranking high.