The days of cluttered pages overflowing with information have passed, and they are being replaced by an increased focus on simplicity and user interface. So in honor of getting back to the basics, here as a rundown of the six increasingly hottest trends we know you'll keep seeing in months to come: Line Icons and Ghost Buttons With the introduction of Apple's iOS 7, we have seen a popular rise in line iconography and ghost buttons, transparent buttons outlined with a thin line. These techniques create a simpler aesthetic by allowing icons and buttons to appear lighter and act as support to larger and more colorful photography or illustrations. They also have become integral to the flat interface style that has grown popular in the past few years. Screen-Shot-2015-07-24-at-14.49.38-520x292

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In past years, brands have had an affinity for large, customized photography in campaign areas. Images appeared at maximum width and ran to the edge of the browser/page, just like in magazines. Those print-based design elements are still a part of Web design trends, but we predict you'll see less imagery and simpler campaign areas. This allows for typography to stand out and removes any visual distractions-straight to the content!

This Web design trend is a maturation of flat design-a popular technique in User Interface design that focuses on clean, minimal use of color, shapes and typography.


While minimalism continues to be hot and new, full screen backgrounds and videos continue to dominate the other end of the spectrum. A recent study from MIT stated that in as little as 13 milliseconds people can process and retain visual images, meaning that a quick hook is all it takes.   As trends continue to mature and become more sophisticated, it will be interesting to see how designers interpret them. Elements from the past will continue to integrate themselves into future aesthetic and principles only time will tell if we begin to see complete departures from past design movements, or if these trends continue to evolve.