Propel Development provides exceptional custom websites and databases. Need a programmer to solve a business need? Specializing in custom website and database development, Propel can provide solutions that don’t yet exist. We at Tecbirds love to solve problems and working with people to make great solutions. We combine our exceptionally deep knowledge of programming platforms along with the understanding of the workings of the business to ensure a beautiful and extensive piece of work. Our Professionalism, knowledge, reliability and flexibility, combined with fair, and reasonable prices make us a preferred business partner.

Propel Services

  • Fast, Thanks to the code generation we reach very fast execution times.
  • Migration, Supports schema migration for MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL.
  • Reverse Engineering, For existing database structures we support reverse enginering of your current database schema.
  • IDE friendly, Propel generates all of your getter and setter as well as filter, relation methods and much more for you.
  • High Quality, Test-Driven-Development
  • Open Source, Propel is available under the open-source MIT license.
  • Dedicated Community
  • Well Documented

Advantage of Propel Web Application Development at Tecbirds

Cost Effective Development
Easy Integration
Fast And Easy Customization

Dedicated support team
Expert Consultation
Powerful & scalable solutions
On Time Delivery