Tecbirds is a custom PhoneGap application development company. This is an interesting development platform for constructing mobile applications. Our mobile developers create apps that executes on different devices such as the iPhone, with the help of HTML and JavaScript. Our PhoneGap application development company provides end-to-end customization and integration services to enterprises over entire setup consisting of software systems, web interfaces and mobile phone devices, to support on-demand access to business-critical information.

PhoneGap Services

  • Strong and Robust Backed
  • Open Source
  • Flexibility
  • Uniformity across platforms
  • No extra development skill required
  • Open Source Nature
  • Common Web Technology used for development – HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • No need to learn native mobile development technologies for iOS,
    Android, Windows
  • Low Development Cost
  • Quick turnaround – Helps to reach faster in the market
  • Continuously evolving
  • Large developer community
  • Backed by Adobe
  • Common Hardware Capabilities already supported like Camera, Contacts, Statusbar, Network, Files, GPS, Geo-location, Accelerometer & More!
  • One of the early technologies / platforms available for cross-platform (Advantage of pioneer in cross-platform app development)

Advantage of PhoneGap Web Application Development at Tecbirds

Professional PhoneGap developers at QSS Technosoft
Have the cross-platform compatibility
Cost Benefits, no hidden cost

24 x 7 Maintenance Support
Data Protection & Confidentiality
Proven Development Methodologies