"With the help of Tecbirds , the core team behind concrete5, your organization will be able to build, launch, and maintain any complex concrete5 powered solution. Concrete5 is an open source content management system created in PHP. It basically centers individual and little medium business sites. Our consulting services will deliver great concrete5 solutions and turn your own staff into concrete5 experts. Work with us for all sorts of web development needs."

Concrete5 Services

  • Concrete5 CMS Development
  • Concrete5 Custom Theme Development
  • Concrete5 Modules Development & Modifications
  • Concrete5 Extensions Development
  • Analytics
  • Concrete5 Technical Support
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Powerful social share plugin integration.
  • In-Context Editing
  • Automatic add-on update notification
  • Large Theme Directory
  • Integrated Reporting(Forms Results Survey Results Logging system for all emails Error Logging Statistics tracking of user sessions)
  • SSL Compatibility
  • No Hassle Support(Training Commercial Support Developer Community Online Help (active online community) Professional Hosting Third-party Developers)
  • xml Sitemap
  • Comment moderation
  • Commenter authentication
  • Anonymous comment enable/disable
  • Bootstrap
  • Layouts retain responsive grid points.

Advantage of Concrete5 Web Application Development at Tecbirds

Incredibly easy to use
Numerous built-in features
Easy Plugin Integration
Uninterrupted Technical Support
Concrete5 Theme Customization
User-friendly development