Software, Application and Content Data Entry

We save your precious time by converting all your paperwork to be stored in a software application. Our experienced data entry operators offer excellent software and application data related services at affordable prices. We are also a proud provider of remote data entry.

Why is data entry software needed?

Paper is a burden to the organization from the physical storage needs to the time and effort it takes to process paper. Moreover, data collection is no longer as centralized as it once was with employees receiving information in the office and on the go.

How does data entry software work?

Data entry software can have two primary functions:

  • Electronic form creation and submission and/or
  • Automated document classification and data extraction.

Electronic forms can replace paper forms and add assistance to the data entry process, simplifying data collection. These forms can be made accessible on computers, tablets and phones for employees that travel between offices or offsite. They can also stay in sync with your systems, checking accuracy of the entered data and even automatically filling in specific data that already exists in your systems. When part of a larger content management system, submission of these forms can automatically trigger processes and provide immediate access to other staff.

Automated data capture solutions, on the other hand, do not replace your documents but instead automate the processing of those documents.

Data entry software can:

  • Automatically identify documents at the point of acquisition
  • Extract important data
  • Validate the extracted data
  • Deliver the documents and data into your content and information management systems



Poor quality: <65% accuracy
Long processing time
Management headaches
High processing costs



Increased data quality: 99.97% accuracy
Fast turnaround / 3-shift operation
Streamlined work processes
High ROI
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