DNN is the leading Web Content Management Platform (or CMS) for Microsoft, powering over 700,000 production web sites worldwide. The flexible DNN open source CMS platform also functions as a web application development framework. Depending on your role within your organization, DNN provides powerful benefits to support your Web initiatives. DNN is a flexible, open platform built on Microsoft. The platform is simple to customize and empowers custom app development with an open API. DNN provides organizations with low start-up costs and rapid deployment times. The platform allows organizations to rapidly implement winning Web strategies. FEATURES
New Form Designer to layout Forms New DataType Attachment allows uploading and attaching multiple documents DropDown List Manager providing a user friendly UI
Flexible Feature-rich Custom Flag icons set Skin Tuning Tool
Client Support Cross-browser tested Licensed Image Library
Telerik Controls integration including RADGrid, RADList, and the new RADFilter JQuery support, secure retrieval of data rows in JSON Filtering and Searching New Data type Separator

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