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Yellowpages and whitepages

All your data in yellow and white pages will be carefully analyzed and data will be taken to your respective destination by our experience data entry operators. We are also a proud provider of remote data entry.

Our highly trained and experienced data entry team will extract the information relevant to you with a needle point precision. This may include anything starting from names, phone number, addresses, email ids etc from the yellow pages.We do have specially created templates to carefully analyze and manually enter the data/information you wish for. The data is then checked for errors and verified by the quality analysis team. We have lent distinguished service to a large number of companies with varied business processes. Our White Pages Data Entry Services will collate addresses and phone numbers from the White Pages as per your requirements. As with our Yellow Pages Data Entry Service, the data capturing tools used by us will assure you the highest level of precision and quality. The finished project will be checked by the quality analysis team and arranged on a template of your choice.

Website Compilation

We at Tecbirds provide quick and accurate web compilation data entry services promoted by our well experienced data entry operators. We are also a proud provider of remote data entry.

Tecbirds Website Data Entry Services provides businesses with quick and accurate web data entry services. We understand that your website is your brand's showcase, and an important tool for communicating with potential clients, investors and employees. That's why it's absolutely critical that your company's website always list the most updated information.

We promise to provide web data entry services that are fast, reliable and cost effective. We can assure that you will be saving your business time and freeing-up your valuable resources now.

Transcription Outsourcing Services

Believe in us for an easy transcription related data entry services offered by our trained data entry operators at cost effective level. We are also a proud provider of remote data entry.

Carrying out a transcription project is no easy task, and by outsourcing transcription services to Tecbirds, you can get hold of accurate, to-the-point transcripts which are faster to read and easier to distribute than normal audio/video files. We make use of the latest transcription process automation techniques while ensuring only the best transcriptionists are assigned to your project. This efficiency is further backed by our highly secure data privacy measures, ensuring you can trust us with your top-secret information and safeguard against any data breach. Our transcription process has helped companies and individuals belonging to backgrounds ranging from legal, entertainment, government, police, radio, church, to market research, amongst others.

Transcription Services

  • Services are offered to global businesses that require efficient
  • High-quality transcription at cost-effective rates.
  • 100% error-free transcription

Software, Application and Content

We save your precious time by converting all your paperwork to be stored in a software application. Our experienced data entry operators offer excellent software and application data related services at affordable prices. We are also a proud provider of remote data entry.

Why is data entry software needed?

Paper is a burden to the organization from the physical storage needs to the time and effort it takes to process paper. Moreover, data collection is no longer as centralized as it once was with employees receiving information in the office and on the go.

How does data entry software work?

Data entry software can have two primary functions:

  • Electronic form creation and submission and/or
  • Automated document classification and data extraction.

Electronic forms can replace paper forms and add assistance to the data entry process, simplifying data collection. These forms can be made accessible on computers, tablets and phones for employees that travel between offices or offsite. They can also stay in sync with your systems, checking accuracy of the entered data and even automatically filling in specific data that already exists in your systems. When part of a larger content management system, submission of these forms can automatically trigger processes and provide immediate access to other staff.

Automated data capture solutions, on the other hand, do not replace your documents but instead automate the processing of those documents.

Data entry software can:

  • Automatically identify documents at the point of acquisition
  • Extract important data
  • Validate the extracted data
  • Deliver the documents and data into your content and information management systems

Sales Contact and Prospects

Our experienced data entry operators offer sales contact and prospects related data entry services at unbelievable costs and at unimaginable quality so that you could work intensely concentrate on building your business relationship with the clients. We are also a proud provider of remote data entry.

As a sales representative, do you feel that you need to manage and update huge volumes of sales data which is highly tiring and time consuming? We are here to support you as per your need so that you could concentrate on building your contacts and possible prospects. We at Tecbirds,have experienced professionals to gather all the data related to your sales contact to be entered into the database which we create in a custom manner. It can record all the details starting from a sales lead to a possible prospect customer you have gained. In this way, you can track all your transactions in a single place. Get in touch with us to know more.

Real Estate

Our experienced data entry operators offer real estate data entry services at unbelievable costs and at unimaginable quality so that you could work intensely concentrate on building your business relationship with the clients. We are also a proud provider of remote data entry.

We at Tecbirds are an experienced and reputed destination for different kinds of back office work. We can take care of your entire data entry related tasks and manage your documents.

Tecbirds real estate data entry services

Our data entry services for real estate spans across -

  • Data entry for consolidating customer details
  • Property documents and legal documents management
  • Data entry of residential and commercial valuation information
  • Insurance and tax related data entry
  • Data extraction services
  • Data processing and data management services


Tecbirds offers data entry services with quickbooks which are very important in a accounting perspective. Our data entry operators provide quickbooks related data entry to save your precious business time. We are also a proud provider of remote data entry.

We use Industry standard QuickBooks software for accounting professionals worldwide. With a simple, easy to use interface,this software automates manual tasks involved in accounting and bookkeeping.

QuickBooks helps in easy maintenance and automation of regular accounting tasks while also bringing in advanced features such as accounting payroll management.

Below are our data entry offerings:

  • QuickBooks Bookkeeping
  • Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables
  • QuickBooks cost accounting

We would be glad to assist you in your services. Feel free to get in touch with us.

Online and Offline

Tecbirds provides online and offline data entry services with amazing outsourcing costs and promising 100% accuracy in delivery. We are a proud provider of remote data entry.

At Tecbirds,we are committed to providing quality,affordable,professional back office data entry and professional data services.Our services can be customized to suit your project and support needs.At places where huge volumes of data needs to be recorded with a specific or numerous output formats, We come to your rescue to fill in all the data you expect.This approach is mainly in offline data entry

Online data entry involves involve placing information on e-commerce websites, data processing, filling and submission of internet based forms, processing of images and checks, data indexing, data mining, etc.The tasks are slightly more complex than online data mining and require more qualified staff. We are proud to say that we assure of delivering 100% successful projects with high accuracy.

Microsoft Office Data and Content Entry(Power Point, Excel, Word, Visio&PDF )

Tecbirds provides Microsoft package related data entry services with our data entry operators working from remote. You can outsource your work to us to get a delivery with 100% accuracy.

Are you looking to outsource your microsoft packages related data entry so that you could concentrate on your business aspects? You have reached the right place to ensure that you get what you expect.

Tecbirds has custom software which creates templates for each of the format that you wish to enter your data in. Customers can create files that follow standard formats and ensure that the layout of information is consistent with predefined rules.

Below are some of the highlights:

  • Our software has an in-built programming logic that defines the way files are used and controls the way the data in the files can be manipulated. Further, this logic also helps customers enter information at specific points in the file.
  • We incorporate business logic however the customer wishes to be and enter the appropriate data into Power Point/Excel/Word/Visio and PDF

In this way , you need not waste time in figuring out how the data needs to be managed and configured.

We promise to deliver the best if you believe in us for your data entry needs.

Mailing List and Mailing Label

You have reached the correct for all your one stop mailing data entry services. Our data entry operators guarantee remote data entry proven to be cost effective and affordable with amazing quality.

Tecbirds provides high quality, cost-effective, affordable mailing list services including mailing list compilation and mailing list data entry. All our mailing lists are customized according to the client's specific needs and requirements. We provide a one stop solution for all the mailing based data entry.

Following are the mailing lists we provide:

  • Address, City, State, Zip and Country compilation
  • Email database compilation for businesses
  • Updating or validating an existing database
  • Electronic document-based mailing list compilation
  • Printed directory-based mailing list compilation
  • Internet-based mailing list compilation

Logistic (BOL)

Our dedicated team of experience data entry professionals provide affordata logistics data entry services which prove to be cost effective and of high efficiency. We are a proud provider of remote data entry.

Why Outsource Logistics Data Entry To Tecbirds?

The following reasons underline Tecbirds' strong record in delivering high quality logistics data entry services:

  • We have experienced professionals for delivering unparalleled and cost-effective logistics data entry services with an accuracy of over 99%
  • Dedicated team to handle different shipment projects with experienced project manager in place to ensure that the work is done by the specific time.
  • Highly efficient and competent data entry staff ensures that data is entered into the system with minimal errors; this enhances reliability of data and allows correct logistics decisions to be made.
  • Cost-effective: Outsourcing logistics data entry processes to us reduces your operational costs and promotes speedier logistics transactions.

We would be glad to work with you if given an opportunity.

Insurance Claims

Tecbirds are leading providers of insurance data entry services for insurance companies and third-party administrators. We provide insurance data entry services at unimaginable costs and high quality. We are a proud provider of remote data entry.

We are leading providers of data processing services for insurance companies and Third Party Administrators. We have a trained team of full-time data entry specialists who can accurately capture data from hard copy insurance claim forms and enter it into a database format of your choice.

By outsourcing insurance claims data entry services, you can transform your valuable data into a database-ready format in short order, while focusing your attention on your core business activities.

Insurance Claims Data Entry Services Includes :

  • Health Care Financing Administration
  • Uniform Billing Health Insurance Claim Forms
  • Centres for Medicare & Medicaid Services Forms
  • ADA Claims Forms
  • Disability Claim Forms
  • Dismemberment Claim Forms
  • Medical-Claim Data Entry
  • Mortgage Claim Data Entry
  • Critical Illness Claim Forms
  • Hospitalization Claim Forms
  • Hospitalization Claim Forms

Image Product

We save your valuable time by taking care of your image product data entry by providing excellent data entry services at unimaginable costs and high quality. We are a proud provider of remote data entry.

Image data entry is a time-consuming task in the industries. The conversion of thousands of scanned images into a chosen electronic format requires both time and resources.You have chosen a right place for your services.

Below are our offerings:

Image data entry services

  • Scanned image data entry services
  • Image entry into a spreadsheet
  • Image entry into a database
  • Hand written / card entry
  • Legal document data entry
  • Image entry into excel spreadsheet
  • Catalogue data entry
  • PDF to Excel Data Entry
  • Documents to PDF Conversion
  • Reports to PDF Conversion
  • Book to PDF Conversion
  • PDF Data Extraction

Legal Data Entry

Our data entry operators offer legal data entry services so that you could concentrate more on your cases and clients. We provide excellent legal data entry services at unimaginable costs and high quality. We are a proud provider of remote data entry.

Legal documents are highly confidential and contain important legal terminologies that can be understood by a legal practitioner or someone familiar with legal proceedings. Therefore, not every data entry firm employing data entry operators can perform data entry for legal documents.

At Tecbirds, a team of highly knowledgeable data entry operators provide a wide range of data entry solutions related to legal documents. Our team of data entry operators is trained to provide swift data entry whilst maintaining accuracy greater than 98%. The operators are capable of working with different source formats like image, paper and electronic media and are well versed with most of the terminology used in the law business.

We provide data entry services in two different modes; Manual and Automatic. In the manual mode of data entry, a data entry operator would actually key in every bit of information from the paper document. In an Automatic mode of data entry, the data would be read from the paper documents using an OCR/ICR technique. The pricing for these methods would also depend on the volume of data entry and the complexity involved.

Bussiness Transaction Data Entry for purchase, sales, payroll and additional Bussiness Needs

A business transaction is an activity or event that can be measured in terms of money and which affects the financial position or operations of the business entity.

A business transaction has an effect on any of the accounting elements – assets, liabilities, capital, income, and expense.

Believe in us for all your business related data entries at unimaginable costs and high quality. We are a proud provider of remote data entry.

E Commerce product

Tecbirds is a leading provider of E-Commerce Product Data entry and bulk product data upload services. We provide excellent E-commerce data entry services at unimaginable costs and high quality. We are a proud provider of remote data entry.

Our well-trained professionals are capable of completing data entry for large volumes of products, within a short turnaround time.

By employing our cost-effective services, your eCommerce store will display the most up-to-date, unique and relevant information for all products, which will create a positive impression in the minds of shoppers and persuade them to proceed to checkout.

e Book Transcription

We come to your rescue when you need the data entry service of converting your written content to E-books. Tecbirds provides E-book transcription data entry services at unimaginable costs and high quality. We are a proud provider of remote data entry.

While running a business that may be or may not be directly related to books, for sure you come across a situation wherein you have some written or scanned content that has to be converted into e-books. If you are thinking how to convert so much of matter into e-books in a cost effective or economic way, then you have reached an appropriate place. Tecbirds uses sophisticated technology to provide e-book data entry services to organizations around the globe.

The process we follow involves:

  • Collect Book Data
  • Process
  • Quality Check
  • Final File

Data Capturing and Catalog

Tecbirds offers exclusive data capture and catalog services to convert specific regions of your page to usable data. We provide excellentdata capturing and catalog data entry services at unimaginable costs and high quality. We are a proud provider of remote data entry.

In this competitive world, you have to make right decisions at right time to exploit the right opportunities. If your company is dealing with a huge volume of data, you must be aware that the process of capturing the data is a monotonous and lengthy process. Data Capture Services provide an answer to this problem.

We offer the data capture services where in your humongous data from hard copies can be conveniently converted to an electric format. With the help of Data Capture Services, it has become possible to digitize large volumes of documents within a short period of time.

Billing and Invoice

Outsource invoice data entry services to get rid of the tedious data entry work and keep your concentration on the core business. It is better to rely on a trusted outsourcing data entry service provider company like Tecbirds for your invoice and billing data entry projects.

You have reached the right place for your billing and data entry services at the best competitive price available. This involves the collection of data from the sales and purchase department and creating a database for the same to keep track of records and generate the financial statistics of the business.

Outsourcing invoice data entry services at cost effective prices to our company experts will give you high competence. Believe in us to get a one-stop solution for all your data entry related to billing and invoice.

Feel free to have a look at our offerings:

Our offerings are as follows:

  • Transaction Data Entry
  • Cash Handling and Verifying
  • Generating Receipts of e-Invoices
  • Correct Code, Value etc. Data Check
  • Line Items Data Collection
  • Generating PO Receipts of Supplier Invoices
  • Verifying Purchase Orders to Invoices
  • Data Entry from OCR Invoices and Bills
  • Bills and Invoice Database Data Entry


Get the pain out of accounting data entry by outsourcing your data entry tasks to our operators. Tecbirds provides excellent data entry services at unimaginable costs and high quality. We are a proud provider of remote data entry.

Accounting data entry is an absolute must for businesses now-a-days. With regards to accounting data entry, all the information concerning your finances is recorded, labeled, assessed and produced as reports to help you get an understanding of your actual funds. Being a business owner, you already have a lot on your plate and need to focus more on other crucial business activities. Thus, outsourcing accounting data entry to a well-established company like Tecbirds can streamline your accounting processes and help minimize expenses so that you have ample amount of time to concentrate and grow your business.

Below are the data entry and data processing services we offer at special lower rates:

  • Data entry of accounting information correctly and timely
  • Accounts Receivable and Payment preparation and management
  • General Ledger data entry
  • Inventory and payroll reports
  • Invoicing and monthly statements
  • Auditing Data Entry
  • Bookkeeping Data Entry and many more…